Apache Portable Runtime & Utilities for NetWare Binaries

Binaries for NetWare are occasionally provided. These are not official releases and have not been reviewed. They were produced by an individual APR contributor.

    The Apache Portable Runtime & Utilities library for NetWare (aprlib.nlm) requires the latest version of the LibC NLMs available at http://developer.novell.com/ndk/libc.htm. If you require additional information, find any bugs, or wish to contribute in other ways, please refer to the APR project page.

    WARNING: The 1.x.x versions of APRLib were built from the officially released source code from the APR and APR-Util projects and are meant to be compatible with the Apache HTTPD server 2.2.x versions and above. Since Apache 2.0.x is still based on the 0.9.x pre-release versions of APR and APR-Util, DO NOT attempt to replace the 0.9.x version of APRLib with the 1.x.x version.

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